Q. Who is Cybertech ?

A. Cybertech is a manufacturer of thermal, impact printers and process control systems. We are a leader in the toll road receipt printer industry.  Many large and small corporations alike, private brand products produced by Cybertech, and integrate them into their systems.

Q. What is a presenter?

A. The presenter delivers the paper to the end user after the printing  has completed 

Q. What is a de-curler ?

A. When using a paper roll, the  paper takes a natural curl  as the roll diameter decreases the curl increases and creates a paper   handling problem. The de-curler removes this curl increasing paper path reliability and ease of end user handling

Q. I need some special features, is it expensive ?

A. Not necessarily, Cybertech manufactures the products it sells and can usually modify or design a custom configuration at an affordable price

Q. How can I get additional information and pricing ?

A. Contact Cybertech by phone (215) 957-6220, email sales@cbrtech.com or through the form on this website

Q. There are many other companies selling printers why should I buy from Cybertech.

A. Reliable products, quick service, reasonable prices, quick delivery,superior  service and support after the sale

Q. Can I have USB and or Ethernet interfaces?

A.  Yes, Cybertech can provide any communication interface requirements