Custom High-Speed Label Printer


Design Challenge:


A large corporation needed a high-speed thermal label printer capable of printing and applying labels of varying lengths from up to 1” by 2” at a maximum rate of 8 per second. It had to mechanically function and fit into an already existing system.


The printer needed to be capable of dynamic throttling of the print system.


The Cybertech design staff worked closely with our customer’s mechanical, electrical and software design team.


Mechanically we came up with a package that would integrate and mount on to their existing applicator whose operation would be transparent. Cybertech utilized a mechanical accumulation design to cope with the asynchronous nature of the print and apply system. 


On the electronic side, we built a custom controller that would accommodate a print rate of 10+ inches per second, maintain constant print quality, and configure with their hosting software.


This was all completed under our roof, from the mechanical design and drawings, electronic schematics, printed circuit board layout, and all printer software.


We produced the machined and sheet metal parts and built and tested the PC boards.



Filling System


Design Challenge:


To operate up to five pumps, valves and a conveyor utilizing stepper motors with adjustable acceleration, multiple speeds and run currents. To run from one to three motors concurrently. To have multiple inputs that may be active-true either by being sourced to 24 volts DC or pulled to ground (PLC compatible). Each stepper motor has a home and limit sensor whose polarity can be programmed and use low cost reflective or opacity optical sensors. The controller interfaces with a touch screen via a serial port and have down loadable run parameters either via USB or a serial interface.


The goal was to eliminate what would be a costly PLC system with a cost effective single board solution.


Cybertech developed a motor control language to allow the controller to stand alone or run in a direct mode, where direct mode allows commands and status via a host device.


We also write custom programs tailored to your requirements for less then you might think. Contact us and let Cybertech work with you to come up with a cost effective solution.  We would be happy to supply more case examples upon request.